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Winner of the Piaget entrepreneurship award CEO Jeddah United Sports Co. Lina Khaled Almaeena.

I would like to thank Piaget for its initiative and my nominator Hala Alharthy and most importantly all the family, friends, teammates and voters who have voted for me ❤I couldn’t have done it without your support

About Jeddah United

Jeddah United youth was inspired by the women’s division. The need to pass the love of sports from the women members to their young children was the initial thought behind the youth.

By involving the kids and youths in sports, it helped their parents and families to keep them in a sportive mode, preventing them from smoking and getting into drugs. Impacting youth via trainings and tournaments, influences future generations in maintaining a positive way of life

Our Mission

Jeddah United Sport Company ( JUSC ) has been established to promote professional Basketball, Football & other sports that emphasizes sportsmanship for the youth of boys and girls that are within the framework of our beliefs, culture and traditions.

Our Objective

Our aim is to have a direct impact on creating and promoting a healthy lifestyle that counteracts the high rate of obesity, diabetes, psychological stress and fatigue that is becoming apparent with the female and male population of Saudi Arabia.

Through sports, Jeddah United, is influencing their members by teaching them the role of a player – teamwork, team spirit, self control and the essence of family value.

Our Academy

Jeddah United was first started its operation and services bask in 2006, It started with the Female Division in Basketball and now it has :





Coaching & Training

Jeddah United’s (JU) Trainers and Coaches are very well experienced in their field. They bring the best training – drills and skills to our members. Since, we have many different age group, each group has its own program and drills to make sure that all our members are being treated and dealt with a high priority and respectful manner. Our coaches not only bring the best practices and skills, but also provide the best atmosphere with fun entertaining approach.

In addition, focusing on teaching our members the fundamentals of sport and many other aspects such as: Respect, how to communicate with each other, how to deal with loss – or under pressure, motivation, leadership and most importantly sportsmanship.

JU is keen to have best of the best personnel (management, trainers & coaches) and to make sure that the best quality is provided to all our members. Therefore, as part of Jeddah United’s development program for its staff, JU brings trainers and coaches whom are EX – Professional Players in Football or Basketballs from abroad to teach and learn new skills, new approach and new techniques. Train the Trainer & Train the Players.





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Sports Events

One of Jeddah United’s interesting divisions is the Events Management Division. JU has been organizing many events and tournaments. All of these events and tournaments are done by a very well experienced group where they elevate the expectations to the maximum. JU makes sure that every event mush have a message to the public ( players and  audience ). Here are some examples:

Motivate and prepare kids and youth for school. This event was organized to encourage the young kids to start their school term in a positive, exciting and strong way. By teaching them how to work in a group, prepare for the challenge and the eagerness to win and succeed.

Gather each family in a healthy and exciting atmosphere or environment. This event was the first of its kind allowing kids and youth to play basketball with their family members (father, uncle, cousin). Focus was on strengthening family ties and showing youth they can enjoy time with their family

To support the cancer patients who survived the disease. Hawazin was diagnosed with cancer when she was 3 years old. Now, Thanks to God, she is cured fully. She is a motivational speaker and truly a survivor.

Part of CSR, JU continues to coach & train an under privileged & limited income young team who is excited about basketball & football. They competed in various tournaments locally.  In Addition to that, JU also coaches disabled girls from various centers.


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